Dynalene MS-1

Heat transfer fluid/salt.

Product Description

Dynalene MS-1 is a Heat transfer fluid/salt manufactured by Dynalene.Dynalene MS-1 is essentially copmprised of Potassium nitrate of CAS-No : 7757-79-1 at about 20-80% and Sodium nitrate of CAS-No: 7631-99-4 at about 20-80%. It has a temeperature range of 465øF to 1050øF / 240øC to 565øC. Its physical state is of crystalline and is of White color. Dynalene MS-1 by nature is Odorless. and of Relative density :2.2 g/cm3 at 25øC. This chemical is soluble in water. Applications: ?High-temperature applications ?Hot bath systems ?Solar thermal storage ?High-temperature reaction applications ?Preheating natural gas lines ?Metal alloy heat treatment ?Environmental chambers Advantage: ?Excellent thermal storage ?Easy and clean pumping ?Environmental chambers ?Inexpensive unlike hydrocarbons ?Preheating natural gas lines ?Concentrate solar power

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Dynalene, Inc.

As the popularity of Dynalene heat transfer fluids grew in a variety of industrial applications, AFT developed several innovative fluids and chemistries to cover as many applications as possible. The Dynalene brand name was well established with over 40 fluids that included several custom fluids made for customers depending on their applications. In 2005, the company changed its name from Advanced Fluid Technologies Inc. to Dynalene Inc.

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