SOUL-WC 6408

Non Oxidize Biocide CMI/MIT Baseÿ

Product Description

SOUL-WC 6408 chemical is manufactured by Baron Chemicals. It is considered as a Non Oxidizing Biocide. Non Oxidizing Biocide: Multi active compound which have broad killing spectrum at low dosage wide pH range i.e. BKC, Carbamate, Isothiozoline, DBNPA, Gluterdehyde base compound.

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Baron Chemicals

BARON Chemicals is a leading Water Treatment Solution Provider in Indian Market offering complete control of various parameters by Chemicals and Services (Testing and Monitoring). We manufacture quality chemicals under BARON, SOUL and H2O brands for Water treatment in various industries. BARON is a single point source for products, technologies and services for water treatment and all managed by a group of leading water professionals, technologist and engineers.

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